Implementation of production lines, installations and industrial facilities

We provide fast delivery and professional installation of designed production lines and technological installations. Installations provided by us are made on the basis of our own projects or customer documentation. While implementing production lines iPS Technologia uses the equipment of renowned brands. We also provide equipment manufactured by us based on our projects. We invite You to check production lines and installations already implemented by iPS Technologia, please visit section of selected projects.

In implementation of complete industrial facilities iPS Technologia takes over the responsibility for bringing the investment to the stage of obtaining the permission to use by the Investor. iPS Technologia comprehensively implements investment projects on the basis of its own projects and documentation provided by the Investor.

iPS Technologia has its own production facility in Szamotuły with area of ​​over 2700m2 (40 employees) which allows the realization of production and repair work. Owning our own production and research facility also allows for a continuous review of many of our solutions.

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